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Sole Hope

OILR. (Opportunity Is Life's Reward) cherishes the immense impact of small gestures. Committed to supporting Sole Hope, an organization founded in Uganda, With your backing, our products are crafted to make a tangible difference in Jinja, Uganda. A portion of every purchase contributes to Sole Hope's initiatives in education and medical care.  

Sole Hope

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Sole Hope is dedicated to instilling hope, fostering healthier lives, and liberating individuals from foot-related afflictions through a holistic approach encompassing education, employment, and medical assistance. Central to their mission is eradicating jiggers, parasitic sand fleas that infest hands and feet, particularly prevalent in sub-Saharan regions like Uganda. Children, who often play barefoot in these environments, are especially susceptible. Left untreated, jiggers can multiply rapidly, causing debilitating wounds that severely hamper daily activities such as walking, running, playing, and attending school. 

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